Episode 10

Graphmatech CEO Mamoun Taher on Graphene as a revolution in Material Science

Published on: 9th September, 2022

In the modern age, we have become quite the experts at designing and coming up with materials for specific purposes. Depending on the desired property, we can mix different compounds to get whatever we want. And now and then we come across a new material hailed as the new super material. In the last century that was plastic, and now through a Nobel prize-winning discovery, it is something called Graphene. It is a strange two-dimensional material, wholly made out of carbon that somehow is stronger than steel and more conductive than copper. While this sounds great, there is a little problem with producing high amounts of it and producing it cheaply enough to become viable to use in the first place.

One of the people trying to solve this is Mahmoun Taher, CEO of award-winning start-up Graphmatech, which he started during his postdoc at Uppsala university. While he is trying to make Graphene known and economically feasible to use, he took the time out of his calendar to dive into the details and cover the foundations of Graphene.

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