Episode 9

Wilbe COO Devika Thapar on building a Home for scientific entrepreneurs

Published on: 26th November, 2021

The start-up news is dominated by headlines of who got how much funding, so it seems as if funding is the only thing that you need to succeed. But if you look at a few of the previous guests, a lot of them struggled one step earlier. Vultus Robert Schmitt started out flying Drones over fields, before switching to satellite pictures. Aslak Stubsgaard had the benefit of funding Copenhagen Atomics with experienced founders and Jacinto of Peafowl Solarpower was forwarded to the university accelerator after he figured out how to turn his research into transparent solar cells.

So it's not always about getting the most money as fast as possible, but particularly in the beginning about knowledge of how to do certain things like finding and fleshing out your idea, and legal and business issues.

That's where Devika Thapar comes in. Devika is the COO of Wilbe, a self-described home for scientific entrepreneurs, where they help scientists that think about turning their research into a company to build up that foundational knowledge in building a company or maybe even getting funding.

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