Episode 3

Podcast Host Sean Kenny on Principles and Benefits of (Thorium) Molten Salt Reactors

Published on: 15th July, 2021

With climate change as the biggest threat to humanity, we're struggling to avoid or even reverse further consequences. According to the intergovernmental panel on climate change, 25% of 2010 emitted greenhouse gases come from electricity and heat production via fossil fuels as the biggest contributor. While renewable energies provide an obvious alternative, they don't come without their own downsides, such as a strong variance of power production throughout the day and seasons. Another alternative would be nuclear power. However leading to toxic waste, high expenses and possible disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima that doesn't seem to be a wise idea either.

But what if there would be a form of nuclear energy, that is inherently safe, produces 100 times less waste and is much cheaper to build? So-called molten salt reactors, ideally fueled by thorium, differ strongly from well-known light water reactors. Which is why I sat down with Sean Kenny, Podcast host of Rock Logic, to explore those differences:

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