Episode 19

Pivoting Amidst a Pandemic: Robert Lauritzen's Journey to Revolutionize Medical Tech

Published on: 20th February, 2023

In this second part of Deep Tech Stories, we dive into the founding story of Cerebriu and how Robert Lauritzen and his co-founders struggled with CoViD and GDPR, making it nearly impossible to get their software past hospital management and into scanners.

So it is 2018 and Robert and his co-founders just came together to form Cerebriu with 6 months of runway. Over the last years of his career Robert learned how to manage hundreds of people spread across the globe and eventually become self-employed as a consultant. When starting Cerebriu he had to put that knowledge into action, come up with a MVP and increase their runway quickly.


(0:00:00) - GDPR and Medical Tech

(0:14:21) - Risk Stratification Solutions COVID-19

(0:25:20) - Ethical Considerations in Health Tech

(0:31:05) - Transforming the Paradigm With Early Adopters

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) - GDPR and Medical Tech (14 Minutes)

In this part of Deep Tech Stories, we explore the founding story of Cerebriu and how Robert Lauritzen and his co-founders navigated the challenges of CoViD, GDPR, and hospital management to bring their software to life. Starting with only six months of runway, the team quickly pivoted from biomarker quantification to being a workflow company, developing their brain MRI automation product, Apollo.

(0:14:21) - Risk Stratification Solutions COVID-19 (11 Minutes)

During the CoViD-19 pandemic, Cerebriu developed lung X-ray technology for risk stratification. The discussion also covers the importance of securing the CE Mark for medical devices, the difficulties of implementing new technology in hospitals, and the company's strategic partnership with Siemens. Additionally, we examine the market transition toward a platform approach and Cerebriu's plans for profitability and expanding its product portfolio.

(0:25:20) - Ethical Considerations in Health Tech (6 Minutes)

In this section, we discuss how to raise funds for a MedTech company, the importance of having a clear ethical compass, and Cerebriu's plans for the future. With their ethical guidelines, the company aims to work with hospital partners and other organizations transparently and responsibly. As Cerebriu continues to grow, they plan to collaborate with other OEMs and expand its offerings in medical technology.

(0:31:05) - Transforming the Paradigm With Early Adopters (1 Minutes)

In this portion of Deep Tech Stories, we focus on Cerebriu's journey to market. Bringing their groundbreaking brain technology to early adopters and beginning the transformation in the medical field. As a small company, this task is monumental, but the potential impact is immense. Join us as we explore the steps Cerebriu is taking to change the paradigm.

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